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Blackhawk™ by Proto® Wire Stripper

ITEM #:PT-1050-2

Features and benefits

• Special designed clamping jaws hold the wire securely during the stripping process • Powder metal jaws, hardness HV450 to 650° (HRC 52 to 57°) • Romax cable 14/2; 12/2 or NM-B cable 10-14AWG. • Adjustable stop controls the length of wire to be stripped • Extra cutting function for regular solid or stranded cable • Standard stripping and cutting gauge 10-26AWG • Swivel knob micro-adjusts for thinner wire to 30AWG or thicker wire to 8AWG • Crimp non-insulated terminals 10-22AWG • Crimp insulated terminals 10-22AWG • Crimp auto ignition terminals 7 to 8mm


Overall Length [in] 8
Weight [Lbs] 0.75
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