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Proto® 1.0% In-Line Extension Transducers

Features and benefits

  • In-line extension transducers, connect between a wrench and a socket to measure the torque that is applied to a fastener. This versatile type of transducer converts a hand held torque meter (J6360) into a highly accurate digital torque wrench. In-line transducers can also be used as torque wrench testers when mounted to a fixture.


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Specification ASME ASME B107.29
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ITEM #: TorqueRange [In Lbs] Drive Size [in] Width [in] Height [in] Overall Length [in] Weight [Lbs]
J6361 25-250 3/8 1-1/4 3-1/4 1-1/4 0.52 Add to Wish list Add to Set
J6362 3/8 1-1/4 3-1/4 1-1/4 0.55 Add to Wish list Add to Set
J6363 1/2 1-7/16 3-5/8 1-7/16 0.79 Add to Wish list Add to Set
J6364 1/2 1-7/16 3-5/8 1-7/16 0.89 Add to Wish list Add to Set