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Proto® 8 Piece Black Chrome Double Box Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set - Spline


Features and benefits

  • Black chrome finish is corrosion resistant and visually distinctive.
  • Non-reversing ratcheting wrenches can be flipped over to turn the fastener in the opposite direction.
  • Ratcheting spline box end is countersunk for easy application to the fastener.
  • Spline design was created for use with specialty spline bolts which are used when weight and size of bolt heads must be minimized.
  • Spline design enables the wrench to contact conventional fasteners away from the corners, which help apply force over a large area helping to reduce risk of fastener rounding.
  • Spline design also helps prevent rounding of corners and other fastener damage that could lead to Foreign Object Damage (FOD).
  • The fractional spline wrenches can be used on fractional 4, 6, 12 point and spline fasteners.
  • The high contact surface area which is away from fastener points enables turning of highly rounded fasteners.


Point Size Spline
Finish Black Chrome
Unit of Measure Fractional
Weight [Lbs] 4.12
Piece Count 8
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