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New Proto® Head Torque Screwdrivers

Line expansion includes four new models, all of which offer more precision than ever.
As part of an ongoing Torque Product Line expansion, Proto has enhanced its Torque Screwdriver offerings. The launch includes the introduction of four new torque screwdrivers, which boast more accuracy then current Proto versions. These tools have been specifically requested by Proto customers, especially those in the electronics and aerospace industries.
The company’s previous offering included four 1/4-in. drive Torque Screwdrivers – an inch-ounce model and an inch-pound model with an accuracy range of +/- 6% of the torque reading, as well as a CERT version of each.
The company has introduced four entirely new 1/4-in. drive Torque Screwdrivers with an impressive +/-4% accuracy (in the clockwise direction from 20% to 100% of full scale). The two new models also include inch-ounce and inch-pound versions.
The new Proto Torque Screwdriver line is as follows:
Inch-Ounce Models:  
New: J6104A and J6104ACERT: 1/4-in. drive, 20-100 in-oz., calibrated to +/-4% of torque reading, clockwise at 20% to 100% of full scale.
Inch-Pound Models:
New: J6106A and J6106ACERT: 1/4-in. drive, 7-36 in-lbs., calibrated to +/-4% of torque reading, clockwise, at 20% to 100% of full scale.
The CERT versions include paperwork that certifies their calibration in accordance with NIST industry standards. This certification is required by some companies that don't have their own calibration labs.
Torque settings are easily changed via a metal lock ring allowing micrometer-style adjustments. Each Torque Screwdriver has a 1/4-in. square drive tip, and ships with a 1/4-in. square to 1/4-in. hex adapter for use with insert bits.

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