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Pliers, Snips & Clamps

A good hold and a clean cut.

Our pliers, snips, and clamps are designed smart to make your job easy.

Whether you need to hold on tight or cut loose, we’ve got you covered. Proto®, Blackhawk™ by Proto®, Expert, and Stanley® pliers, snips, and clamps are built from solid alloy steel to keep them working safely, for longer. Plus, built-in features like the ones on our dual spring design pliers make your work easier.

Explore our full range of general and specific-use pliers, snips, and clamps.

Proto® locking pliers aren’t just built; they’re engineered.

Discover why real pros trust Proto® locking pliers.

When you hold a product that’s been designed with your job in mind, it just feels different. Proto®’s locking pliers were engineered specifically for the job site. They have professional features you’d expect, like corrosion resistant finishes, welding splatter resistance, drop forged jaws, spring loaded release levers, and of course, a quick-releasing locking mechanism that keeps the tool put when you need your hands elsewhere.

Check out the complete selection of Proto® locking pliers.

Pliers, Snips & Clamps

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