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Proto® 1/4" Drive 8 Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set with Locking Extensions

ITEM #:J47000CFL

Features and benefits

  • Crowfoot wrenches are used in hard to reach, restricted access situations where a standard wrench or ratchet cannot reach.
  • Anti-Slip Design open end (ASD).
  • The arched surfaces are designed to spread the contact forces over a greater area and they keep the loads off the corners of the fastener which helps prevent fastener rounding.
  • Broad size range ensures the right tool for the application will be available. Typically used in lower torque applications.
  • Full polish nish provides corrosion resistance and easy to clean surfaces.
  • Locking hole feature helps keep the crowfoot wrench engaged on the extension during use reducing downtime due to detachment of crowfoot in awkward spaces.
  • Use with locking extensions to reach into spaces too small for a mechanic’s arm or where the fastener is out of site.


Drive Size [in] 1/4
Finish Full Polish
Unit of Measure Fractional
Specification ASME ASME B107.21
Weight [Lbs] 0.63
Piece Count 8
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