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Proto® Smart Torque Wrench

Features and benefits

  • Connected Bluetooth Torque Wrench allows for fast, easy and accurate torque setting.
  • App control for advanced features to set torque target, help reduce errors and record measurements for audit.
  • Torque history data transfer through mobile application.
  • Haptic feedback, positive mechanical click and LED lights for precise control of applied torque.
  • Square profiled rubber bumper to help prevent roll-away and reduce drop.
  • Digital Torque Wrench with 2% accuracy CW/CCW and Angle measurement +/- 1 degree.
  • Calibration status reporting to ASME or user defined schedule.
  • Includes protective Blow Mold Case, fast 2A charger, micro USB cable, charging dock, manual and calibration certificate.
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ITEM #: TorqueRange [Ft Lbs] TorqueRange [In Lbs] Increments [In Lbs] Increments [Ft Lbs] Color Drive Size [in] Torque Range [Nm]
J6110BT 1-22 12-264 0.1 0.1 Black/Silver 1/4 1.5-30 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
J6112BT 5-100 60-1200 0.1 0.1 Black/Silver 3/8 6.7-135 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
J6114BT 25-250 300-3000 0.1 0.1 Black/Silver 1/2 17-340 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now