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Proto® 3/8" Drive Electronic USB Torque Tester 5-50 ft-lbs

ITEM #:J6474-C

Features and benefits

  • Powers the tester via USB cable.
  • Recharges internal Nimh battery.
  • Allows communication with computer for downloading torque readings via communication port on computer. Use with JH6000SW.
  • An extensive two-way communication command set (ASCII text commands) that can control the tester remotely, from a computer, using any third party communication program (including Hyperterminal).
  • Set target torque remotely.
  • Set units remotely.
  • Set target tolerance remotely.
  • Set mode (track, peak, first peak) remotely.
  • Query torque value remotely.
  • Clear the display remotely.
  • Get (call) torque value remotely by sending a carriage return to tester.
  • 100 torque reading memory (torque value saved to memory when save key is pressed on keypad).


Drive Size [in] 3/8
Increments [Ft Lbs] 0.01
Increments [In Lbs] 0.1
TorqueRange [Ft Lbs] 5-50
TorqueRange [In Lbs] 60-600
Torque Range [Nm] 6.78-67.8
Increments [Nm] 0.1
Width [in] 6
Height [in] 4-1/2
Maximum Torque [Nm] 67.8
Minimum Torque [Nm] 6.78
Overall Length [in] 6
Weight [Lbs] 6.00
Style Electronic
Specification ASME ASME B107.29
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