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Proto® Tether-Ready Duratek Phillips Screwdrivers

Features and benefits

  • Ergonomic quad-lobe handle design with 360° texture for additional grip.
  • Designed to meet demanding heavy-duty needs of industrial maintenance and assembly applications.
  • Screwdrivers meet ASME B107.15 standards.
  • Made in USA.
  • Impact and chemical resistant handles are four-sided with broad but shallow flutes.
  • Resistant to most harsh chemicals (including hydraulic fluids used in the aerospace industry).
  • Four-sided handle design helps prevent "roll away" from the work surface.
  • High-alloy steel shanks are heat-treated their entire length to help provide strength against twisting action and to help prevent bending and twisting when placed under torque.
  • Fully grounded and chemically polished, then chrome plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Made of high-alloy steel (same as shank).
  • Precision machined for precise fastener fit.
  • finished in black oxide to help prevent cam out and slipping.
  • Tips are un-plated with a black oxide finish to help prevent chrome peeling; an important Foreign Object Debris (FOD) concern.


Specification ASME ASME B107.600
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ITEM #: ShankType Tip Size Tips Shank Width [in] Shank Length [in] Overall Length [in] Weight [Lbs]
JP0103R-TT Round #1 Phillips® 0.1875 3 6-3/4 0.17 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
JP0204R-TT Round #2 Phillips® 0.25 4 8 0.26 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
JP02112R-TT Round #2 Phillips® 0.25 1-1/2 3-1/2 0.12 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
JP0306R-TT Round #3 Phillips® 0.3125 6 10-3/8 0.38 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
JP0408R-TT Round #4 Phillips® 0.375 8 13 0.57 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now
JPP0003R-TT Round #0 Phillips® 0.125 3 5-3/4 0.08 Add to Wish list Add to Set Buy Now