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Proto® and CribMaster™ Announce RFID-embedded Hand Tools for High Accountability Requirements

This tool-management milestone will dramatically impact the future of tool control in the aerospace, aircraft MRO, power generation, petro chemical, and food industries.
Marietta, GA - In collaboration with Proto®, CribMaster™, the global leader in tool control technology, announces the launch of ProtoID™ RFID-embedded hand tools including sockets. Specifically designed to meet the highest standards in the aerospace industry, ProtoID™ comes complete with a passive UHF RFID tag embedded in each tool. With valued input from aerospace professionals, ProtoID™ was developed to simplify tool control while at the same time significantly reduce the risks of FOD (Foreign Object Damage).
By combining RFID technology and Proto® tools with CribMaster's award-winning tool control solution, tool accountability has advanced to the next level. According to CribMaster™ president, Larry Harper, "With ProtoID™ as an integral component of CribMaster™, the tool control solution has been completed, and with that, we have developed 'Best Practices' for shared toolboxes in the aerospace industry. The launch of ProtoID™ is simply the perfect solution to an age old problem of lost tools," adds Harper.
Accommodating ASME and AS specifications wherever possible, ProtoID™ tools are the highest quality industrial tools with the added benefits of knowing where they are and more importantly, when they are missing.
With a CribMaster™ RFID system and ProtoID™ tools, monitoring tool movement within a facility is a reality. CribMaster™ LPR's (Last Point Read) can be strategically placed at choke points within a facility to identify when a tool moves through an area. By eliminating any guess work in the search process if and when a tool does go missing, down time is greatly reduced.
Additionally, by utilizing the CribMaster™ FOD finder, operators of the system can accurately locate missing items even when the items are out of the line of sight. Combined with the LPR's, lost or misplaced tools can be located in a strategic and timely fashion.
With ProtoID™ paired with the CribMaster™ software and RFID tracking devices, operations now have the ability to manage, monitor, and track tools anywhere in their facility. The proven technology utilized in this complete system will help eliminate tool loss and related FOD issues.

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