New Proto® Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches

November 27, 2012

New Proto® Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches Patented new design allows up to 13 degrees additional swing in the first reversible ratcheting spline wrenches made in the USA.

As part of a continued effort to bring innovation and segment leading performance to the industrial tool market, Proto has introduced a new line of full polish chrome, reversible ratcheting combination wrenches with spline box ends; featuring a new open end configuration which allows up to 13 degrees additional swing.  The offering includes 38 fractional and metric sizes as well as four wrench sets.

“Spline ratcheting wrenches are commonly used in the aerospace industry and have been a key growth driver in recent years,” said Alan English, Senior Brand Manager. “To meet the needs of our government and military customers, as well as maintain the highest level of product quality, it was important for us to develop this range here at our Dallas manufacturing facility.  We are proud to be the first hand tool manufacturer to offer this configuration meeting stringent Berry Amendment regulations for Made in the USA products.”

Visually distinctive, the new wrench pattern features a patented I-beam design that removes material weight while offering an increased bearing surface to help improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue. 

Like most Proto combination wrenches, the open end features an anti-slip design, locking the wrench onto the fastener head to help prevent injury from wrench slippage.  However, unlike other Proto combination wrenches, the open end is offset from the primary plane of the wrench, resulting in up to 13 degrees additional swing in tight quarters.

Spline box wrenches are extremely versatile and can be used on spline, 4 point, 6 point, 12 point, and Torx® fasteners.  Like all Proto spline ratcheting wrenches, this new line maintains a 72-tooth design, resulting in a class leading 5-degree arc swing.

Fractional sizes range from ¼” to 1 ¼” and metric sizes from 6mm to 32mm.

About Proto® Industrial Tools

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