PROTO® 500 Series Storage Corporate Jet Application



In the Aerospace industry, precision is everything. The high-stakes job of maintaining, repairing, and overhauling aerospace-related machinery, vehicles, and finished products leaves no room for error.

PROTO® sockets, ratchets, and wrenches are designed to make general maintenance and production line tasks safe, efficient, and comfortable—not to mention accurate. And with proper maintenance, our tools are as exacting as you are.

For years, PROTO has been dedicated to bringing the aerospace industry hand tools and storage solutions dedicated to quality, precision, and FOD prevention. From the Precision 90 Ratchets and Micrometer Torque Wrenches to Foamed Modular Sets, PROTO offers a wide range of products that meet AS specifications to help ensure maintenance efficiency, time-savings, and quality mechanics tools.​

PROTO® 500 Series Storage Corporate Jet Application

Aerospace white paper

In the aerospace industry, time is money. Today more than ever, increased demand comes with the expectation for lower maintenance cost and higher productivity. Paired with a maintenance technician shortage, shops are under significant pressur​e.

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We discuss ways to tackle inefficiencies for a safer, more cost-effective, and time-saving operation.

You’ll learn:

  • How using the right precision tools can ensure aircraft readiness, safety, and efficiency
  • How electronic torque wrenches increase safety by reducing margin of error
  • In-house solutions to check your torque tool for proper calibration in minutes