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Cutting Tools


Stanley® knives and blades make the cut.

A sharp tool is a safe tool. And that’s why Stanley® has forged their knives and blades out of high quality carbon steel that resists wear and tear and stays sharp longer. Our Quick-Point™, FatMax®, and Carbide™ blades have been designed for specific cutting surfaces and come in utility, specialty, hook, and snap-off varieties.

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Stanley’s wide range of saws and blades help you power through almost any material.

Stanley® saws and blades aren’t just designed to cut through tough materials. They’re engineered to help you get the job done safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Stanley® blades are constructed from professional-level materials, so they last longer and work harder. Plus, their ergonomically designed handles make them easier to hold and less likely to slip.

Stanley® offers a full line of saws and blades.

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Cutting Tools

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