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Master Sets

​​​Real pros always have the right tool for the right job.

Proto® and Blackhawk™ by Proto® offer master sets for every need.

No matter what job you’re tackling, Proto® and Blackhawk™ by Proto® have master sets that can help you get it done. Proto® and Blackhawk™ by Proto® master sets are designed with the user in mind, customized for tradesmen like Master Technicians, Contractors, Plumbers, and Electricians as well as for industries like Heavy Equipment, Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, Railway, and Roadway.

Every Proto® and Blackhawk™ by Proto® master set is designed to include the most popular tools with the larger sets building out logically from smaller sets.
That means there’s always a set with a range of tools that meets your requirements.

The Proto® Foamed Master Sets offer added security and organization to high piece count Advanced Sets. Each set includes metal workstations that house customized, pre-cut foam trays that securely fit each tool. With high visibility and easier tool locating, these kitted sets will increase productivity, getting the job done in no time.​

Master Sets

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